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With over 40 Years of experience as an emergency medicine specialist, Dr. Salko diagnoses and treats patients with life-threatening conditions like heart attacks, drug overdose, shock, or massive bleeding

Dr. Edward Salko - DO, Family Medicine

Dr. Edward Salko is a board-certified physician. He earned his Bachelor of Science in chemistry and pre-med from the University of Florida in Gainesville and his Doctor of Osteopathy Medicine in 1980 from Kansas City University School of Medicine. Dr. Salko’s career has specialized in family and emergency medicine. His passion is to provide clients with the tools they need in the most convenient way possible to allow them to take charge of their healthcare. He has held a variety of positions in Kansas, Florida and Washington. Currently, in addition to his duties as Medical Director for Personalabs, he is a practicing emergency physician in Kennewick, Washington.

He is an emergency medicine specialist who diagnoses and treats patients with life-threatening conditions like heart attack, drug overdose, shock, or massive bleeding.

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