We use latest healthcare technologies to offer our patients efficient and effective care

Enjoy combination of traditional care model paired with modern clinical care technologies that engages patients help improve patient care experience and clinical outcomes

Complete Family Health Service

Personalized, on-demand and completely modern medical care delivered by physicians who know your health and care preferences.

Digital Front Desk

Modern, fully digital front office solutions offer patient convenience of electronic registration, appointment reminders, check-in, digital payments.

Electronic Prescription, Lab orders

Patients get access to electronic prescription and lab orders to reduce errors, no more lost orders or prescriptions and faster access to results and data.

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Specialist Care Coordination

Electronic referrals allows better care coordination with specialists and efficiently triage care and improve outcomes with faster and informed care decision.

Secure Chat & Video

Patient can stay connected with care team with integrated telemedicine capabilities including, audio, video, and HIPAA compliant secure chat application.

Digital Payments and Invoicing

Fully integrated digital payment system allows patients to pay before the visit via mobile link to ensure on-time payment, view past invoices, and billing history.

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Patient Portal

We provider our patients access to medical records, appointment history, visit summaries, HIPAA compliant messaging, digital payments, clinical notes, and symptom checker.

Symptom Checker For Patients

Use secure and curated healthcare library to look up possible diagnosis for symptoms and share output with the doctor, for further guidance and follow-ups.

Patient 360 Digital Health Profile

Integration with healthcare information exchanges allow us to offer patients access to complete health data improving patient engagement and access to care.